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Restuarant Printing & Labelling
Restuarant Printing & Labelling
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Supplyline and Zebra serves up convenience for restaurant operations.
Provide five-star service in any restaurant environment that has printing and transaction processing requirements with tools from Zebra to make your diners happier and your staff more productive, which can help make your restaurant more profitable.
Gratify guests with mobile printing and card processing solutions that allow staff to take drink and meal orders, accept payment, and issue receipts virtually anywhere in the facility - great for crowded bars, poolside service, or line busting at counters. Take advantage of secure wireless encryption to transmit orders or authorize credit card payments.
Turn tables more quickly by equipping wait staff with mobile transaction processing equipment for tableside order entry and bill settlement.
Eliminate opportunity for credit card cloning with secure, tableside bill processing.
Handheld computers also help make sure the right order gets to the right table every time to keep customers happy and save time for servers.
Create colorful customer loyalty cards, gift cards, and employee ID badges on demand with Zebra card printer/encoder systems.
Create bar code or RFID employee ID cards to support automated time tracking systems

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