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Laboratory Labelling
Laboratory Labelling
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Automated data collection makes laboratory work less laborious.
Identify specimens with certainty and enter test results quickly and accurately with bar code and radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions.

Identification, tracking, and data entry operations can be automated with bar code and RFID technology.

Supplyline's range of label materials supplied just in time, makes it easy for laboratories to improve efficiency, improving patient safety.
Bar coded labels ensure the accurate tracking of specimens in the lab for end to end safety and accuracy from the time of collection to the delivery of results.

Mobile printers enable specimen collection orders even at bedside.
Desktop printers offer a variety of connectivity options to integrate with laboratory information management systems and enterprise networks.
Wristband printers enable patient safety and links to electronic records.
ID card printers can encode bar codes and RFID tags can be used with security applications so care providers and lab technicians can be identified automatically.
Reduce slow, error-prone manual data entry by scanning sample labels and ID cards to record test results, sample transfers, and other activities.
Bar code menu sheets are an accurate and timesaving method for recording equipment settings, assisting calibration, and entering test types or activity codes.
Supplyline has labeling solutions to produce reliable labels that remain readable after exposure to heat, moisture, freezing, UV light, and other test and storage conditions.

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