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Hospitals Labelling
Hospitals Labelling
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Patient outcomes depend on inputs. When it has to be right, choose quality labelling supplies. 
Supplyline's label supplies are reliable, helping to improve patient safety, manage records securely and efficiently, and track samples and supplies accurately.
Bar code systems are a proven way of preventing errors. Supplyline provide for example wristbands which help healthcare professionals identify the right patient every time, and they are a cornerstone of multiple bar code applications that can improve safety, accuracy, and efficiency throughout your hospital.
Accurately and automatically identify patients and staff with accurate, legible, and tamper-proof patient identification wristbands.
Ensure greater security by identifying employees with employee ID cards
Use lightweight, mobile printers to accurately label specimens at bedside or wherever they are collected, and to provide other documentation at the point of care.
Track medical records, charts, files, and test results with bar code labels.
Supplyline's extensive range of tag and label supplies includes sterile materials for identifying bandages, kits, instruments, and supplies used in sterile, cleanroom, and laboratory environments, including labels that withstand moisture, frozen storage, heat treatment, and other challenging conditions.

Create RSS or other bar code labels for unit-of-use packaging so medications can be used in automated dispensing machines or scanned as part of a medication administration system.

Improve inventory management by using bar code or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) smart labels to track medical supplies and equipment.
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