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Health System Pharmacy Labelling
Health System Pharmacy Labelling
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Quality Labels and printers fill the need for accurate, automated prescription tracking.
Add accuracy, safety, and efficiency to prescription processing with labeling solutions from Supplyline.
Our combination of labelling materials and thermal printers produce high quality labels for prescription orders, bottles, vials, IV bags, and unit-dose packaging. All printers support bar code and radio frequency identification (RFID) encoding for automated tracking, dispensing, and security.
Print legible prescription orders and prescription vial labels. Include bar codes on each, so pharmacists can scan to validate the correct prescription was filled and released.
Encode patient information in bar codes to satisfy privacy requirements.
Bar coded prescriptions can be scanned every time they are stored, transferred, or handled to conveniently track prescriptions in the pharmacy.
Take advantage of Reduced Space Symbology (RSS) and other small bar code label printing capabilities to mark medications for use in automated dispensing machines.
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