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Entertainment  Printing & Labelling
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Innovative Zebra print solutions help create happy endings.  
Supplyline printing consumables and Zebra printers play a key supporting role in entertainment industry solutions that keep patrons happy. We play our part by making tickets and passes more secure, by saving time in ticket, concession, and merchandise sales, and by supporting innovative patron management applications.  
Desktop printers are ideal for ticket printing because they are fast, easy to use, and small enough to fit easily onto crowded counters. Suppline's Media options for desktop printers include a variety of overt and covert security features to prevent duplication and counterfeiting. Tickets can be easily authenticated at the gate to prevent fraudulent entry.
Use mobile printers and transaction processing systems to prevent long lines from forming at the box office or concession areas, or to serve guests right at their seats.
Easily produce colorful, secure VIP cards, season passes, lift tickets, event wristbands, or gift cards. Optional radio frequency identification (RFID) magnetic stripe, and smart card encoding supports electronic payment, automatic debit, access control, and other applications for customer convenience and loyalty. 

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